Crisscross For The Moravian Workbench!

  Seven months ago Jameel Abraham of Benchcrafted sent me a prototype of a shorter version of their Crisscross to see if it could work on the Moravian workbench. I retrofitted it to a bench I had; built to the dimensions given in the video and article. It fit well without any alteration to the... Continue Reading →

A Tool I Hate to Love

The 10 1/2 carriage makers rabbet plane is one of my favorite tools. What part of carriage making required a rabbet plane with a 2 1/8 cutting width I have no idea. In my experience, they are not a particularly great rabbet plane, too wide for most of the stuff I do. Where they do... Continue Reading →

Moravian Workbench DVD is back

As some of you may have noticed, Popular Woodworking has been gradually curtailing their DVD formatted videos. The Moravian bench DVD has been unavailable for several months now. I am happy to announce that Wood and Shop has picked up production of the DVD version and it is now available in their store here. Many... Continue Reading →

Two Interesting Bench Builds

  Below are a couple of workbench builds worth checking out if you have not seen them. First one is a Moravian bench built from recycled materials a the raecreation blog. The second, an upscaled Moravian that is in progress from the Ken Hatch at the I'm a OK Guy blog. I think this is... Continue Reading →

Moravian Workbench FAQ’s

This is a post I probably should have done a long time ago. Since the article and the video on building the Moravian workbench came out I have gotten a lot of emails asking questions about the design. More often than not the questions are about design changes and "what if" type things. Below are... Continue Reading →

It’s A Big One (part 2)

The new Lake Erie Toolworks 2X wooden vise screw is mounted and operational in the test bench. I have been using it a few days, here are some of my first impressions. Very Fast! 1" of travel per revolution. It has been a little awkward for me using the 2X; moving a twice the speed... Continue Reading →

It’s A Big One

Back in July Lake Erie Toolworks announced the upcoming release of a double turn wooden vise screw kit. The screw travels 1" per revolution. I immediately emailed Nick Dombrowski to get on the list. Yesterday it finally arrived. Below are a couple of photos of the beast. I will be installing this one on a... Continue Reading →

Ratcheting Parallel Guide

I have had many requests to re-post some of the articles that used to be at the former WK Fine Tools website. As time permits, I will continue to add those articles here. This one, on the ratcheting parallel guide has been the most requested. I apparently did not back up the photos for this... Continue Reading →

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