Moravian Workbench DVD is back


As some of you may have noticed, Popular Woodworking has been gradually curtailing their DVD formatted videos. The Moravian bench DVD has been unavailable for several months now. I am happy to announce that Wood and Shop has picked up production of the DVD version and it is now available in their store here. Many thanks to Joshua Farnsworth for going to the trouble and expense of getting these made. The download version is still available thru Popular Woodworking here.

Also, my most heartfelt thanks to everyone who has purchased the video in the past and built the bench. Also for the hundreds of photos of the workbenches they built, they have been the most gratifying element of the whole thing for me.

Below are a few photos of the video shoot from way back in ’14. img_0705

I think Mr. Farnsworth was getting tired of my delightful sense of humor by this point!
Mr. Lebetkin showed up to explain how the video “should” be done.



-Will Myers




5 thoughts on “Moravian Workbench DVD is back

  1. Have the DVD from when its was 1st released, definitely a build or 2 or 3 that I will do life just keeps getting in the way.


  2. Will,

    Thanks for the update. What a great bench and it scales up very well. I’ve been working on my finished “shop sized” version several months now and it is a treat. One of the portable benches is in service as a sharpening bench and the other is apart and stored in a small corner of the shop ready when needed.

    If there is a fault with the bench it is after finishing one I start looking for an excuse to build another :-).



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