Moravian Workbench Crisscross Install

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I finally got this together. Below is a PDF detailing the installation of the new Benchcrafted Crisscross 14 and Classic Vise on a Moravian workbench.

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You will need to read and be familiar with the instructions (free here) on the Benchcrafted site for the Crisscross and vise screw. I did not repeat everything included there, just highlights for this specific application.IMG_3275 (2)

I have had a lot of questions regarding using a wooden Lake Erie vise screw with the Crisscross 14. It will work if you move crisscross mortise and screw farther away from the angled side (leg side) of the vise support than given in the instructions below. This will make room for the larger wooden nut. What would be better, if you were building a new bench is to lower the long stretchers a couple of inches from the original plan. This would make the vise support slightly longer giving you more space for the screw and nut above the crisscross.

Crisscross installation article: BC Crisscross Install

I also made a short video of the crisscross in action: Crisscross Video

-Will Myers


4 thoughts on “Moravian Workbench Crisscross Install

  1. I have a question regarding the vise capacity. It looks like there is about 6.5″ from the bench top to the vise screw. What is the capacity of the vise from bench to the chop when the vise is opened fully?

    Nice installation and a simple vise installation.




    1. On this installation it opens to 9 1/2″. Thickness of the chop and vise support affect this number. It runs out of screw before it reaches the limit of the crisscross.


  2. Will,

    When you posted about installing the BC Classic with crisscross I was about half way through a new build (small shop sized bench with a 7′ slab) and had not ordered the vise screw. Your post brought me up short and I dithered for a couple of weeks over going ahead with the Lake Erie 2X screw, which I had planned on using, or giving the BC screw a shot.

    The bench was finished yesterday. I went with the BC Classic screw and crisscross and all I can say is “Wow” that sucker is slick. When I was in the short rows of the build I would go back to the shop after shutting down for the night just to watch it spin and snug up on a piece of wood. I’m not sure but, and this is hearsay, I think it may hold better than my wood screw vises.

    My double thanks, not only for resurrecting the Moravian bench and sticking with the original design (which was brilliant) but also for doing the dirty work of first install of the crisscross on the Moravian.



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