Moravian Tail Vises Available

IMG_6106 (2)Believe it or not I have finally got another batch of tail vises close to shipping. They should be ready late this week or early next. I know some of you have been on the wait list for several months, I apologize for the long delay. There has been simply no time to devote to making them until recently.

If for some reason you were supposed on the wait list and have not received an email from me already please drop me a line via the contact page.IMG_2003 (2)

I will have some extras, If you would like one of theses vises for your workbench the cost is $180 + $17 insured shipping. There has been a slight increase in price due to added tariffs on the hand wheel. Please include your name, shipping address, top thickness and left or right hand mounting via the contact page. I am sorry, US shipping only.

These are slick little vises and will install on any bench with at least 12″ of overhang and a top thickness of 2″ to 6″. They also are quick to install, about 1 -2 hours.

Installation instructions: moravian tail vise install 1

For more info on the vise please see the an earlier post I wrote on the vise here.IMG_1991

-Will Myers

2 thoughts on “Moravian Tail Vises Available

  1. The simplicity of this design is just…elegant.
    Just out of curiosity (I am living in Europe), are the right hand and left hand mounting version with the same screw (left hand thread)?
    If yes, to change from one version to the other, then I suppose one just has to disassemble one end, turn the nut and reassemble it.


    1. Both right or left hand versions use left hand threaded rod and yes which side the dog tube in on determines LH or RH mount. I do make the dog tube/nut assemblies for their specific mounting direction though by angling the dog tube a degree or so toward the direction it will be clamping.


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