Moravian Workbench Tail Vise

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I make a custom tail vise for the Moravian workbench. The reason I have not written about them, I have had a back-log of orders to work thru the past two years. These are a kind of spare time project for me and there has not been enough spare time! The batch of 25 I am working on now should finally get me caught up.

The reason I made my own was at the time I built the first bench there were not many good options for a tail vise with only 12 inches of overhang. The design worked better than even I expected it would. The vise has evolved since, the ones I make now are faster, smoother, stronger and can be used in a push or pull situation. The best thing about these vises is they can be installed in a couple of hours without much fuss. These can also be used on any type of workbench, not just the Moravian style.img_1991

The heart of the vise is a premium American made acme lead screw and nut. The bearings and hand wheel are imported pieces. The machining is handled by a local shop, the welding and assembly are done by me.img_6104 (2)


After this batch is complete and shipped I am planning on going ahead with another that would be available mid to late February. If you are interested in one the cost is $180 plus shipping. These are made for left or right specific applications and two different tube lengths to accommodate top thickness of 1 1/2″- 6″. The vise requires a minimum of 12″ overhang. The vise uses 3/4″ diameter dogs.

Here are the installation instructions: moravian tail vise install 1

If you are interested in purchasing a tail vise, drop me a line via the contact page with the following info: Name and address, top thickness and left or right hand mounting.

-Will Myers


5 thoughts on “Moravian Workbench Tail Vise

  1. “These can also be used on any type of workbench.”
    On a Paul Sellers type of workbench where the front apron is glued to the bench-top (forming a rigid L beam), I would bolt the bearing feet vertically to the apron. Although a longer dog tube and shims under the feet might be necessary.
    I like the simplicity of this design which doesn’t require making a wagon.


  2. Have placed a request for notification when availablefor purchase. Wouldappreciate an estimate of when they would be avialble so I can plan the build. thanks


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