Crisscross For The Moravian Workbench!


IMG_8142 (960x1280)

Seven months ago Jameel Abraham of Benchcrafted sent me a prototype of a shorter version of their Crisscross to see if it could work on the Moravian workbench. I retrofitted it to a bench I had; built to the dimensions given in the video and article. It fit well without any alteration to the structure of the bench. I did have to replace the chop with a thicker one and the back vise mounting piece.

In the time that I have been using it I have fell in love with it!

IMG_8136 (1280x953)
The Crisscross 14 kit.

The Crisscross on this bench is installed with the Classic Vise screw that is also available from Benchcrafted. IMG_8139 (1280x961)

This thing has the smoothest operation of any leg vise I have ever used, slick as snot on a doorknob! The holding power is as good as the wooden screws I use. In the configuration I have here the vise opens 9 1/2″ and has 6″ depth between the bench top and the top of the screw.

I have another Moravian bench to finish that will be getting a Crisscross set up. I will do another post in the next week or so detailing the installation. Stay tuned!

-Will Myers




13 thoughts on “Crisscross For The Moravian Workbench!

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    1. I am still a fan of the wooden screw and parallel guide. The crisscross and steel screw look nice too in my opinion. Ultimately, it would be up to the maker’s visual preference I guess.


  1. Looks great Will! My kit arrives tomorrow. How much thicker is the chop and vise back with the crisscross? I do have both of these pieces dimensioned already, but I think I can just laminate another board to each for the needed thickness.


    1. The back piece is the same thickness as given in the plans, 2 3/4″ or so. The minimum thickness for the chop is 2 1/4″ given in the BC plans. The one in the pictured here is 2 3/4″.


    1. It might fit….not alot of room left on the standard design. Will do some more figuring when I install the next one in a few days, will post here.


  2. Will,

    I’ve just started a new bench with plans on using Lake Erie’s new 2X screw, not ordered yet so I have time to change my mind. My questions are; Will the crisscross work with a wood screw. I guess the real question is is there room for either the standard or the 2X screw. Like you I’m a fanboy of Lake Erie wood screws. The other is, have you used the 2X screw.

    BTW, this bench will be a “standard” sized portable Moravian.




    1. Ken, I need do do some more figuring to see if it will fit the standard bench. If you lowered the long stretchers a couple of inches I am sure it would fit. Have more info in a few days.


  3. Thanks Will,

    I might just build two vise/vise backers, one with the BC metal screw and one with a Lake Erie wood screw. Easy way to see which I like better. Whatever I’d like to hear what you find. I must say this threw me a curve. I was building this bench to try the new 2X screw :-).



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