New Moravian Workbench Class for 2023

For the past decade I have taught the Moravian workbench class at the Woodwright's School in Pittsboro NC. For the classes there I had been supplying and prepping the materials we used in the class; a pretty big job to be honest. I have been contacted by other woodworking schools over the years about teaching... Continue Reading →

Candle Stands At Roy’s Place

This past weekend I taught the second Shaker candle stand class this year at The Woodwright's School in Pittsboro, NC (forgot my camera on the first one!). I have done this class at other schools over the years but with electric lathes. At Roy's we use a treadle lathe in keeping with the hand tool... Continue Reading →

Collapsible Sawhorse

I have had several enquiries in the past week about a sawhorse article that I wrote for Popular Woodworking back in 2018 wanting to know if I had any info I could share on them (sawhorse appreciation week somewhere?). Apparently purchasing the original article from PW does not work too well. Below I have a... Continue Reading →

Goings’ On

It has been a good bit since I have posted anything. I appreciate the inquires as to whether I was alive, thankfully, the answer is in the positive. It has been a heck of a year for my family and myself as it has been for the entire world. We have faired pretty well so... Continue Reading →

Issac Youngs Wall Clock

In my opinion, there are few Shaker objects that are as special as the Issac Newton Youngs wall clocks. My reason for thinking this it not just the clocks themselves but the man that made them, he is a pretty good story too. If you have any interest at all in Shaker furniture it is... Continue Reading →

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat….

The past two weeks I have been working with a new horse that has recently joined our family. Cheyenne is a four year old filly that has never been broke, so I had to begin at the beginning. I am not a cowboy by any means but for some reason enjoy the process of getting... Continue Reading →

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