Shaker Furniture Free Resources

There are two very good online resources for Shaker furniture that most folks do not seem to be aware of. Hancock Shaker Village has their entire collection cataloged in a searchable database with photos, overall dimensions and what time frame the pieces date to. You can check it out here. Shaker Museum Mount Lebanon also... Continue Reading →

Shaker In The Can

If you have an interest in Shaker history, the Shaker Museum at Mount Lebanon maintains an excellent blog you may want to check out. I am not sure who authors the posts and picks the subjects but they do a great job of keeping it interesting. The topic of the latest post is about a... Continue Reading →

Pummeled by Pommels

I've been working on a near copy of a bed from the collection at Hancock Shaker Village the past couple of weeks. They have many beds in the collection, this one is my favorite. This example originated at Hancock, made sometime in the early 19th century and is still sporting it's original green paint. When... Continue Reading →

Shaker Imperfection

Most times when you read anything written about Shaker furniture two words are almost always used to describe it, perfection and simplicity. In my opinion most Shaker pieces are neither. Over the past few years I have been able to get up close and personal with some of the most famous Shaker furniture and have... Continue Reading →

Canterbury Shaker Table Class

On my trip to Hancock Shaker Village in 2017, I was looking for a side table to measure. They have many and as always it is hard to narrow down a favorite. The one I chose was in storage, hidden away in the loft of the brick dwelling. The table originated from the Shaker settlement... Continue Reading →

Perfect Deterioraton

This past spring I found an original Shaker #7 rocker dating from the late 1800's. These chairs are really not what you would call rare, they seem to turn up pretty often. This one is what is usually referred to as a production chair, made at the Mt. Lebanon, NY. Shaker chair factory. I was... Continue Reading →

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