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Peg threader
This little machine was made by Issac N. Youngs for threading the countless number of Shaker pegs used in peg rails in almost all Shaker buildings. The cutter portion is reversible, 3/8″ diameter on one end and 1/2″ on the other. (photo property of Shaker Museum Mount Lebanon).

There are two very good online resources for Shaker furniture that most folks do not seem to be aware of.

Hancock Shaker Village has their entire collection cataloged in a searchable database with photos, overall dimensions and what time frame the pieces date to. You can check it out here.

Shaker Museum Mount Lebanon also has their collection available online, 1000’s of wonderful photos. It can be viewed here.

These are both extensive, the two together total more than 40,000 objects. You can spend hours lost in them. You have been warned!

-Will Myers

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  1. Thanks for those links. Sure would like to know more about the pictured device. Hope it’s one of the items that your links have more info on. Prior to this I had thought Shaker pegs had cylindrical tenons glued into the holes.


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