Issac Youngs Wall Clock

In my opinion, there are few Shaker objects that are as special as the Issac Newton Youngs wall clocks. My reason for thinking this it not just the clocks themselves but the man that made them, he is a pretty good story too.

If you have any interest at all in Shaker furniture it is doubtless you have seen this style of clock before. One of the more famous American clocks, it has been featured in many books and magazine articles over the years. After all it is Shaker design at it’s best, perfect proportions, simple (but really not) and of course, a clock is still a useful thing to have around.

IMG_0879 (2)
Clock #19 on display at Hancock Shaker Village

I is surprising to me even as popular a project as this clock design has been, like a lot of other Shaker pieces, details and actual dimensions of the original clocks are pretty much non existent (The Ejner Handburg drawing is the closest I have found). I know a good many do not care to make an exact copy of anything, I really don’t either most of the time. On the other hand, the original clocks have quiet a lot of details that add to the look of the piece that are worth replicating in a copy.

IMG_0713 (3)
The face of clock #23, hand painted by INY.
IMG_5002 (2)
A little note pasted in the back of clock #23, #19 has one identical to this one.

I have been fortunate to be able to photograph and measure three of the original wall clocks. This is the first of a series of posts covering what I have dredged up on these clocks and their maker.  Not sure how many posts or how long it will take, just gonna’ see how it plays out. I will be making a clock with the same joinery and specs as the original along the way too. Off we go………..

-Will Myers

13 thoughts on “Issac Youngs Wall Clock

    1. The doors, as simple as they look are a bit of a challenge (as you will see). It would have to be an advanced class. Sorry, nothing on the horizon as far as a class.


  1. Outstanding Will. I’m looking forward to seeing your clock. By the way, I need a new clock in the waiting room. So sign me up for the class!!!


  2. I’m excited to see this. I loved your work on the candlestand, and the changes and compromises all of the reproductions and articles made over the original. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Thanks Will for all of your blogs, I am looking forward to your future reports of related info on these clocks. I have always found them interesting, but likely they not as easy a build as they might superficially appear to the eye. I would gladly pay for plans and/or a video on them.
    Michael O’Brien


  4. Will, terrific compilation of Issac Youngs’ clocks. I am just now finishing making a similar one. Check out The Book of Shaker Furniture by John Kassay for very detailed drawings of one of the clocks. Much more detailed than Ejner Hanberg’s book. I have not been able to determine the type of door latch used however. There are also a couple of ‘how to’ directions out there if any of your readers are interested.


    1. Chuck,
      The Kassey drawing are good but still, not much detail on how the originals are constructed. Stay posted, the door latches on the originals are pretty cool. Will detail them when as I continue the posts.


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