Shaker In The Can

The Great Stone Barn at Mt. Lebanon. Photos betray the size of this building; it’s huge.

If you have an interest in Shaker history, the Shaker Museum at Mount Lebanon maintains an excellent blog you may want to check out. I am not sure who authors the posts and picks the subjects but they do a great job of keeping it interesting. The topic of the latest post is about a Shaker brother who was thrown in jail. You can check it out here.

IMG_3266 (3)
Interior of the barn.
The Wash House
IMG_3407 (2)
One of the cemeterys at Mt. Lebanon

-Will Myers

One thought on “Shaker In The Can

  1. Will, Thanks for this site on the Shaker Society. In the very early 1800’s (according to family history) the sister of John Crouse(my great, great ,great , great grandfather who was born at Miller Falls Maryland in 1751) Nancy Crouse joined the Shaker Society at a location called “Whitewater” somewhere in western Ohio. Perhaps these folks at Mount Lebanon can help me identify where that was and if any records of her exist. I look forward to your posts and enjoy the bench you taught me to build. I have since visited the Moravian workshop where there is a copy of the original you shared with us. Warren Black—————————————-


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