Shaker Hanging Cabinet with a much better drawing

I was contacted by Russ Hammond, a reader in Brisbane, Australia. He took my quick sketch of the hanging cabinet and made a much more presentable drawing. The measurements are metric which will make about 90% of the world very happy. I especially like the reverse engineered pediment, my hat is off!

Special thanks to Russ for taking the time to make this drawings and sharing it with everyone.Cabinet 1Cabinet 2

Merry Christmas!

-Will Myers

4 thoughts on “Shaker Hanging Cabinet with a much better drawing

  1. Why does the hanging slot go almost to the top of the head , with only an 1” or so left? Should the dowel that it hangs from only fit the middle slot or go to the top?

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  2. I would think that with the tendency for the top to split, that the slot doesn’t need to go too far to the top even with the reinforcement. If you make an exact duplicate of the cabinet, that’s one thing, but if it’s your version, then make it how you want and how you want to hang it and how much stuff will go in the cabinet. The Shaker furniture police will not mind one bit!

    I also think Russ Hammond did a great job of clarifying the picture. Metric, inches makes no difference. There are a dozen or more metric to inch and inch to metric converters on the interwebs. 6.4 mm = 1/4″ …

    Merry Christmas!



  3. The guys who made this stuff would have had a more than good knowledge of wood strength. They would have known that this area above the slot (about 1/2) was weak. I have thought that in it’s original use it may not have been hung but set on something. The key hole slot would make sense then. A screw or nail thru the slot would have kept the case from tipping forward. Just speculation on my part!


  4. Thanks to both Will and Russ for the drawings and thoughts on the cabinet. It will be a fun project to make. I was short one present to my daughter and I think this would be a great after Christmas gift.


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