French Oak Roubo Project III

This week we started the third FORP build in Barnesville GA. Hosted by Benchcrafted and Wyatt Childs Inc. We have had a wonderful couple of days so far and progressing much faster than the erlier two builds. Below are a few photos of the build. Sorry I don't have more, I am tired and calling... Continue Reading →

Curvy Bow Saw (with a story)

Earlier this month I taught a Moravian workbench class at Roy Underhill's Woodwright's School in Pittsboro NC. Unique things tend to be attracted to Roy, this trip an interesting find had shown up once again. A box of tools and a day book/diary belonging to a joiner working in Lexington Virginia dating from just after... Continue Reading →

A Few Openings Left

It's been a busy year so far....with more busy to come! I have two classes remaining in 2019 with openings if anyone would like to join us. First, building a collapsible trestle table at Little Miami Handworks in Bellbrook Ohio, July 17-21. This class is based on the the video I did some years back.... Continue Reading →

Moravian Workbench Crisscross Install

I finally got this together. Below is a PDF detailing the installation of the new Benchcrafted Crisscross 14 and Classic Vise on a Moravian workbench. You will need to read and be familiar with the instructions (free here) on the Benchcrafted site for the Crisscross and vise screw. I did not repeat everything included there,... Continue Reading →

Crisscross For The Moravian Workbench!

  Seven months ago Jameel Abraham of Benchcrafted sent me a prototype of a shorter version of their Crisscross to see if it could work on the Moravian workbench. I retrofitted it to a bench I had; built to the dimensions given in the video and article. It fit well without any alteration to the... Continue Reading →

A Tool I Hate to Love

The 10 1/2 carriage makers rabbet plane is one of my favorite tools. What part of carriage making required a rabbet plane with a 2 1/8 cutting width I have no idea. In my experience, they are not a particularly great rabbet plane, too wide for most of the stuff I do. Where they do... Continue Reading →

Nicholson Workbench Article

I received another email about this article today. I did not know that as many people were reading (and would remember) the articles I posted at the now defunct WK Fine Tools until they were not there any longer. In the year of our Lord 2013 I took on a rare for myself commission to... Continue Reading →


Jameel Abraham just announced the the third French Oak Roubo Project coming up in October of 2019. Registration details coming in a few days. You can view his post here. -Will Myers

Shaker Furniture Free Resources

There are two very good online resources for Shaker furniture that most folks do not seem to be aware of. Hancock Shaker Village has their entire collection cataloged in a searchable database with photos, overall dimensions and what time frame the pieces date to. You can check it out here. Shaker Museum Mount Lebanon also... Continue Reading →

Shaker In The Can

If you have an interest in Shaker history, the Shaker Museum at Mount Lebanon maintains an excellent blog you may want to check out. I am not sure who authors the posts and picks the subjects but they do a great job of keeping it interesting. The topic of the latest post is about a... Continue Reading →

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