55 Drawer Hardware Cabinet

I have been getting requests to re-post this article, so here it is in all it's dadoed and rabbeted glory. If anyone actually builds this thing please send a picture and I will post it here. It would also be nice to know I and not the only one nutty enough to attempt it! Besides... Continue Reading →

It’s A Big One (part 2)

The new Lake Erie Toolworks 2X wooden vise screw is mounted and operational in the test bench. I have been using it a few days, here are some of my first impressions. Very Fast! 1" of travel per revolution. It has been a little awkward for me using the 2X; moving a twice the speed... Continue Reading →

Shaker Imperfection

Most times when you read anything written about Shaker furniture two words are almost always used to describe it, perfection and simplicity. In my opinion most Shaker pieces are neither. Over the past few years I have been able to get up close and personal with some of the most famous Shaker furniture and have... Continue Reading →

Cutting and Marking Gauges

Below is another one of the articles that used to be at WK Fine tools. This is one of my favorites. Not because it is a particularly good article, or contains any groundbreaking information, it isn't and doesn't. But because the gauges made in the article are still used almost daily. The cutting gauge in... Continue Reading →

It’s A Big One

Back in July Lake Erie Toolworks announced the upcoming release of a double turn wooden vise screw kit. The screw travels 1" per revolution. I immediately emailed Nick Dombrowski to get on the list. Yesterday it finally arrived. Below are a couple of photos of the beast. I will be installing this one on a... Continue Reading →

Ratcheting Parallel Guide

I have had many requests to re-post some of the articles that used to be at the former WK Fine Tools website. As time permits, I will continue to add those articles here. This one, on the ratcheting parallel guide has been the most requested. I apparently did not back up the photos for this... Continue Reading →

Hexagon With Handplanes

I have recently been working on a candle stand design that involves making a hexagonal post that I wrote about hereĀ a couple of days ago. Hexagons show up in furniture occasionally, honeybees are completely enamored with them, pencils, and chair parts sometimes. They can be made with just hand planes alone, no jigs required. Here... Continue Reading →

No Lathe Necessary

I definitely have a soft spot for candle stands. They are usually quick to make and don't require a lot of material. Maybe building these smallish tables appeals to my short attention span too.   This example I ran across in the MESDA database but was owned by a private collector. With the help of... Continue Reading →

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