Third Time’s a Charm

This past Friday was the wrap up of the third French Oak Roubo Project in Barnesville GA. Some of the Guys had came in early to start prepping the massive pieces of French oak, so on Monday we were ahead of schedule from the get go. For myself at least, this build seemed to progress more smoothly and a bit more relaxed than the earlier ones.IMG_8625 (2)

My hat is off to Bo Childs, Father John and Jameel Abraham for all of the enormous effort and planning that goes into making these one of a kind workbench builds happen. I know of nothing quite like it in the world; it is hard to imagine how anyone could ever better what they have put together.

I do not know if a FORP IV will materialize. I if it does, do you best to get in, you won’t regret it!IMG_8558 (2)

Below are a few more photos I snapped during the build.

Jameel has posted photos as well, you can view them here.

-Will Myers


2 thoughts on “Third Time’s a Charm

  1. Hi Will while a applaud the work and time that was spent putting a project like this together.
    I do have a question what is the total cost to a individual?


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