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I received another email about this article today. I did not know that as many people were reading (and would remember) the articles I posted at the now defunct WK Fine Tools until they were not there any longer.pic 21

In the year of our Lord 2013 I took on a rare for myself commission to build a Nicholson style workbench. While this is not my favorite workbench design it is a very good one. Personally, I like a thicker top than this bench has, but for majority of furniture work this bench will get it done in fine style. Best of all, most any home center stocks the materials to make it. This version also breaks down to make transport a little easier. Folks have built many versions on this bench in the past decade or so, the article below was my take on it.


The PDF of the article: Nicholson Workbench

-Will Myers

9 thoughts on “Nicholson Workbench Article

  1. Are the WKfinetools articles archived anywhere? I’d been meaning to reread a few I read a few years ago. Thanks!


  2. Will
    Very good article.
    When you glued up the leg pieces, did you plane and joint each board before glue. Or did you glue them together and then plane and joint them?


  3. Will,

    Just a couple. I found it amusing to see you build the bench on your Moravian, strange sense of humor I guess. The other is while a simple bench the build looks complicated.

    I found another use for one of my Moravian benches this last weekend. I put it together minus the vise assembly in the back garden and used it as a serving table for the BBQ. Much easier and quicker to set up and more stable than a folding table. The tool tray was great for holding plates, utensils, and cups. What’s not to love.



  4. Hey thanks for this. There are a lot of Nicholson builds out there, most leave out important details. Can you help me understand what the angled cut on the apron is for, where it attaches to the leg? Surely, it is not for looks.


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