French Oak Roubo Project III

This week we started the third FORP build in Barnesville GA. Hosted by Benchcrafted and Wyatt Childs Inc. We have had a wonderful couple of days so far and progressing much faster than the erlier two builds. Below are a few photos of the build. Sorry I don’t have more, I am tired and calling it a day!

IMG_8427 (2)
Wrestiling one of the 20 oak slabs across the jointer.
IMG_8431 (2)
Long and short stretchers

IMG_8434 (2)

IMG_8437 (2)
Mr Gordon going for his usual “more perfect” fit.

IMG_8440 (2)IMG_8445 (2)

IMG_8450 (2)
Father John and Jameel Abraham of Benchcrafted.
IMG_8461 (2)
Mr Schwarz giving direction.


IMG_8464 (2)
One of the curiositys at Bo Childs. More to come on this but you will have to wait.

-Will Myers

3 thoughts on “French Oak Roubo Project III

  1. Will- I have a wooden screw vice from erie. I have a temp control wood shop. Meaning my ac works all the time. I never touch it. About 72. But at times u really have to put muscle in to turn it I think the wax gets hard. Or sometimes I put oil on it. It always goes back to being stiff. What should I do Jay

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