Different Strokes

I get quite a few photos of benches folks have built from the article I wrote or the video on the Moravian workbench. Most pretty much follow the plans, but not always. I like to see the modifications, vises and different joinery people employ in their bench builds.

The half-lap joins on the leg assemblies are simply glued and doweled together.

Wood worker extraordinaire Jeff Bremer sent a few pics of a bench he recently completed. Built with laminated construction thru out but with half-lap joinery connecting the leg assemblies instead of the standard mortise and tenon/lap dovetail construction. You can view more photos of the bench build as well as other pieces Jeff’s work here.

Jeff also kindly sent this spectacular set of drawings of the bench: Moravian Bench As Built Drawings


Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone!

-Will Myers

4 thoughts on “Different Strokes

  1. Thanks for this post Will and to Jeff for the great plan. I am wondering how the leg vice screw nut is anchored with the vice being attached on the leg. Is there enough room to anchor it to the leg as in Will’s design or is there a different nut assembly used? Happy Thanksgiving!

    Brad Gutierrez


  2. Thank you for this post. I don’t have the funds for the lumber or the joinery know-how needed for the Myers MWB, so this will give me a work-around to obtain an adequate bench. I have found that if one is carful in selecting construction lumber at a box store, one can put together a fairly decent bench.


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