2020 Woodwright’s School Schedule is Live!


I am happy to announce the schedule for the 2020 classes at the Woodwright’s School is open for registration. Most of the past favorites are back as well as some new classes. Even Mr. Schwarz is scheduled to make an appearance this year.

I will be doing the Moravian workbench class, the Shaker setting bench and a new class on my favorite Shaker candle stand.


If you are interested in a class and it is full, be sure to get on the wait list. Peoples schedules and lives change, especially for classes several months out. Spots regularly open up.


-Will Myers

One thought on “2020 Woodwright’s School Schedule is Live!

  1. No wonder Roy’s tales are so good. He even reads different to us. Pity the distance I have to travel precludes a visit any time soon .


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