Goings’ On

It has been a good bit since I have posted anything. I appreciate the inquires as to whether I was alive, thankfully, the answer is in the positive. It has been a heck of a year for my family and myself as it has been for the entire world. We have faired pretty well so... Continue Reading →

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat….

The past two weeks I have been working with a new horse that has recently joined our family. Cheyenne is a four year old filly that has never been broke, so I had to begin at the beginning. I am not a cowboy by any means but for some reason enjoy the process of getting... Continue Reading →

Vises in Stock (for now)

SOLD OUT If you would like to be added to the wait list for the next bunch send me a message. I have just completed another batch of tail vises to cover the overflow from the last. If you would like one, I have five extras on hand. These are ready to go and will... Continue Reading →

Different Strokes

I get quite a few photos of benches folks have built from the article I wrote or the video on the Moravian workbench. Most pretty much follow the plans, but not always. I like to see the modifications, vises and different joinery people employ in their bench builds. Wood worker extraordinaire Jeff Bremer sent a... Continue Reading →

Vises on The Way

After a whirlwind of welding, assembly and packing all of the largest group of tail vises I have made to date are on the way to their new owners. The last few when out this morning. If for some reason you ordered a vise and have not received an email with tracking info please let... Continue Reading →

Herman Has Arrived

Most of the workbenches we have built in the past three French Oak Roubo Project builds I do not get to see in there completely finished forms. When the builds have concluded the benches leave at about 95% completion but without the final touches that you can it call done. Horace Gordon of Florida who... Continue Reading →

Third Time’s a Charm

This past Friday was the wrap up of the third French Oak Roubo Project in Barnesville GA. Some of the Guys had came in early to start prepping the massive pieces of French oak, so on Monday we were ahead of schedule from the get go. For myself at least, this build seemed to progress... Continue Reading →

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