French Oak Roubo Project III

This week we started the third FORP build in Barnesville GA. Hosted by Benchcrafted and Wyatt Childs Inc. We have had a wonderful couple of days so far and progressing much faster than the erlier two builds. Below are a few photos of the build. Sorry I don't have more, I am tired and calling... Continue Reading →

Curvy Bow Saw (with a story)

Earlier this month I taught a Moravian workbench class at Roy Underhill's Woodwright's School in Pittsboro NC. Unique things tend to be attracted to Roy, this trip an interesting find had shown up once again. A box of tools and a day book/diary belonging to a joiner working in Lexington Virginia dating from just after... Continue Reading →

A Few Openings Left

It's been a busy year so far....with more busy to come! I have two classes remaining in 2019 with openings if anyone would like to join us. First, building a collapsible trestle table at Little Miami Handworks in Bellbrook Ohio, July 17-21. This class is based on the the video I did some years back.... Continue Reading →


Jameel Abraham just announced the the third French Oak Roubo Project coming up in October of 2019. Registration details coming in a few days. You can view his post here. -Will Myers

Homemade Lathe Bed Extension

Most older wood lathes have around 36" max between centers. Anyone who has made chairs knows that this is a limiting factor. Most larger rocking chairs have 40"-42" back post. I have made do with some pretty stupid and unsafe rigs to turn longer posts but finally decided on a more permanent solution for the... Continue Reading →

Gang up on it!

I recently built a chest of drawers base on a Shaker example from Hancock Shaker Village. The seven drawers of the chest have overhangs planed into the ends and top edge. The front of the drawer faces also have a simple molded edge. I used a process I call gang planing on the end grain... Continue Reading →

Teaching schedule for 2019

2018 Has been a very busy year, 2019 is shaping up to be even more so! Below is my teaching schedule as it stands now. Some of these are already sold out, if you are interested in a class and it is full be sure to get on the wait list. People's schedules change quite... Continue Reading →

Simple Strawberry Pie!

First off, I am not redirecting my efforts to start a baking blog. But this is too good not to share. When I was a young fella my great grandfather and grandmother Temple would have the family over for dinner on a pretty regular basis. These little get togethers were not for any particular reason... Continue Reading →

Tilt Table Article And Free Plans

I visited Tryon Palace in New Bern, North Carolina for the first time in January 2016. I did not have much time and pretty much did the fast walk thru the whole place. The palace and several surrounding building are filled with vintage furniture, well worth visiting if you get the chance. In the kitchen... Continue Reading →

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