Collapsible Sawhorse

I have had several enquiries in the past week about a sawhorse article that I wrote for Popular Woodworking back in 2018 wanting to know if I had any info I could share on them (sawhorse appreciation week somewhere?). Apparently purchasing the original article from PW does not work too well. Below I have a... Continue Reading →

Nicholson Workbench Article

I received another email about this article today. I did not know that as many people were reading (and would remember) the articles I posted at the now defunct WK Fine Tools until they were not there any longer. In the year of our Lord 2013 I took on a rare for myself commission to... Continue Reading →

55 Drawer Hardware Cabinet

I have been getting requests to re-post this article, so here it is in all it's dadoed and rabbeted glory. If anyone actually builds this thing please send a picture and I will post it here. It would also be nice to know I and not the only one nutty enough to attempt it! Besides... Continue Reading →

Cutting and Marking Gauges

Below is another one of the articles that used to be at WK Fine tools. This is one of my favorites. Not because it is a particularly good article, or contains any groundbreaking information, it isn't and doesn't. But because the gauges made in the article are still used almost daily. The cutting gauge in... Continue Reading →

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