Wicked Fast Saw (and how to make it)

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Big rip saws run well on alcohol or M & M’s

Four years ago I made a copy of a vintage frame saw that resides at The Woodwright’s School in Pittsboro, NC. The reproduction saw I made is also at the school, if you are visiting be sure and check out the pair.

This is by far the fastest rip saw I have ever used. The two TPI web is aggressive and quick. The down side to this saw for me is it is hard to control. I have much more experience with panel saws. Frame saws on the other hand, have a much different feel to them. It takes time and experience to master them.

37 (768x1024)

Here is the article that I wrote for WK Fine Tools back in 2014. It covers building the saw frame, making the web, and hardware. Frame Saw PDF 2

Also a short video of the saw in action.

-Will Myers

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  1. I too find that frame saws are killer for quick ripping. Which is why I built this little bit of insanity:

    It has recently also grown a foot pedal, which works pretty well.


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