Collapsible Sawhorse

I have had several enquiries in the past week about a sawhorse article that I wrote for Popular Woodworking back in 2018 wanting to know if I had any info I could share on them (sawhorse appreciation week somewhere?). Apparently purchasing the original article from PW does not work too well. Below I have a quickly thrown together bit of text with photos. Cut list and the original hand drawn drawing are also attached below.

Please do not use the sawhorses to hold up a vehicle! This was a redneck “Hey watch this!” moment that just happened to work and no one got killed.

Will Myers

4 thoughts on “Collapsible Sawhorse

  1. I made one of these after seeing that article, really love the strength and portability of this design, plus the chance to do some big joinery is an added bonus. Thanks for bringing it back, I’m sure others will benefit as I did!


  2. It seems like a good additional set to Moravian workbench which also could be disassembled easily.
    Thank you for your inventions.


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