Cutting and Marking Gauges

Below is another one of the articles that used to be at WK Fine tools. This is one of my favorites. Not because it is a particularly good article, or contains any groundbreaking information, it isn’t and doesn’t. But because the gauges made in the article are still used almost daily. The cutting gauge in particular has a crazy amount of miles on it.

IMG_1779 (2)

These are easy projects to make and I think you will find yourself reaching for them often.

Full 2012 article here: Marking Gauge PDF

-Will Myers

2 thoughts on “Cutting and Marking Gauges

  1. Thanks Will. I have been wanting to make this style marking gauge, now I have good reason to with your instructions in this excellent article.


  2. Will, No questions. Just comment that I enjoyed this project and making one of them. Thanks for sharing, Warren Black


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