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It has been a good bit since I have posted anything. I appreciate the inquires as to whether I was alive, thankfully, the answer is in the positive. It has been a heck of a year for my family and myself as it has been for the entire world. We have faired pretty well so far and I am so thankful.

I am finally about to catch up the waitlist on the tail vises I make. Thank you to everyone who has enquired about the vises and endured the sometimes long wait to get them. The past few months it has been challenging getting the parts and pieces for the vises. At present the supply chain seems to be getting back to normal and I have been able to resume making and shipping them.

As crazy as the past months have been it has been it has been busy but with little woodworking to report on unfortunately. I did get into a big metalworking project recently though. Below are some photos of one of the tangents I tend to get off on. I had been looking for a better truck to pull our horse trailer with. Larger pick-ups a big bucks these days so I found an alternative. I purchased a surplus U-Haul cab and chassis, shortened it 16 feet, and built a bed for it. So far it is working out great for our needs; guess it is a Will-Haul truck now. Below are a few pics of the process.

I did not know anything was made with a four piece driveshaft!
Ready for the big chop!
After the frame chop, bed frame work underway
Tail panel done, first sheet on the bed

Also started two horses under saddle in the past months! Our whole family likes to ride, since the covid mess started we have been fortunate to be able to still go riding.

Dodge on the left, and Miss Cheyenne on the right (dork in the middle)

Anyway, enough of the tangents. I am still planning on continuing the Issac Youngs clock series. A new video I did on building this clock is also near completion too! Hopefully classes will resumes soon, will post here when they start up again.

Best to All!

-Will Myers

12 thoughts on “Goings’ On

  1. Will you are super talented no mater what you do. That Will Haul is amazing! Those horses are beautiful. Oh and I need one of those tail vices.


  2. Great to see you posting again. It has been a long time. Nice job on the truck conversation! I have never seen anything like it before.
    Stay safe.


  3. Hi Will! Nice horses and that will be a great flatbed truck. And my tail vise works great. My friend might want one, for his non-Moravian bench. Will any be available?


    1. Sydney, Happy you are enjoying the vise
      Have him drop me a line, next bunch will go out in about two weeks.


  4. That s quite a job with a lot of new steel and welding work. I wondered for a moment if the hitch was anchored to the frame enough but there seems to be some more diagonal bracing than I saw at first sight.
    The shorter truck will also make it a lot easier to back up with a trailer.


  5. Hey! Nice truck! it has a look I like. if the price is right on the trucks, it seems like a few guys could get in and do the same thing.


  6. Used to do truck beds, boxes, cabinets, mount cranes, welders, etc. on side, may I say your truck came out great. Good idea on shortened U-haul.


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