55 Drawer Hardware Cabinet

I have been getting requests to re-post this article, so here it is in all it’s dadoed and rabbeted glory. If anyone actually builds this thing please send a picture and I will post it here. It would also be nice to know I and not the only one nutty enough to attempt it!

Besides the article, I also wrote about it at the Lost Art Press blog last year so I won’t rehash all the details here.


p3 (844x1280)

Attached is the three part article that was formerly hosted at WK Fine Tools that I wrote about this build. Part one is a about finding the original cabinet, part two and three are building it.

Hardware Cab part 1

Hardware Cab part 2

Hardware Cab part 3

-Will Myers

11 thoughts on “55 Drawer Hardware Cabinet

  1. Furrels?

    Might be that they were talking Ferrell’s (sp?) The brass or copper part of a handles that keeps it from splitting where the tool enters the wood?


  2. Thanks for posting this Will. I really enjoyed reading about this project when it was first posted. You did a great job building the new one. I would love to give this one a try, but I might need to wait until I have a lot of time!

    I actually struggle to find stock for woodworking. I end up buying my wood from Home Depot which is fine, but the thickness is limited. I was wondering if you buy rough stock at a mill or predimensioned stuff at a lumber yard. I don’t really like sawing and planing a lot of stock to get the thickness I need for a project. A lot of bull work for me with hand tools.

    Thanks again… Tom


    1. I am fortunate to have an excellent local sawmill where most of the material I use comes from. Costs less than lumberyard stock but is also usually green and has to be dried.


  3. I remember this cabinet. I like it the first time a saw and it is on my list of things to do for my shop. Thanks for reminding me about it. If you ever put the drawing in a pdf please let me know. Thanks again for a great idea.


  4. I remember this from when you posted it before. Always liked it and it is on my list to get done. If you ever put this all together in a PDF let me know. Great job with it, the new one looks great!


  5. Having a need, I was very excited to do this (or, similar) construction when it first came out, but I kept finding changes I wanted to make. That’s when I put away design concepts and let Sub Conch work on the problem. This one sort of wandered away, until your repost, Will.

    After a couple years since construction do you have any thoughts? Ideas for labeling? What would make it better isn’t really the intent of your project. But is there something that would improve its function?


  6. I really like this cabinet and it is on my list to build for my shop. Thanks for reminding me. Like Bruce I would be interested in what things you would like to change if you were going to redo it, even if it is a copy of a old one.


  7. I want to make one like this too. I’m thinking card catalog pulls to add labeling capability, although stenciling like the original would be cool too. Maybe the bin-pull style where the original has bin pulls, and the tab-pull style where the original has knobs.


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